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Welcome to the Superior Honing Equipment Inc. web site. Superior manufactures a complete line of manual and automated honing equipment. We also supply support tooling, hones, stones, and abrasives required to fit most machines.

We invite you to visit our Site Map for a quick overview of everything you will find and where to find it. If you cannot find the equipment, parts, consumables, or information you require, we invite you to contact us at your convenience. We will make every endeavour to fulfill your request.

Superior can supply products ranging in size from small portable or bench machines used for occasional projects, to high precision, high production machines for use in assembly lines. We can cus-tom design, engineer, and build machines to perform special needs.

Superior can supply from stock, all your honing needs from hones to stones.

We can supply abrasives for roughing, finishing, and polishing a wide variety of products, including cylinders, gun barrels, ceramics, and more.

Superior can supply complete packages including machines, mandrels, abrasives, tooling, tool room kits, honing oils, bore gauges, and single pass diamond tools.

Superior is a Government approved supplier.

Every machine is quality tested before delivery to insure that all controls and systems operate to specification.

All new machines are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase when used in the manner originally intended.

All consumables are guaranteed to arrive at your facility as specified and will be replaced if proven to be defective in workmanship or if damaged in shipment.

Rebuilt machines are carefully checked and all parts that are worn are replaced. Every rebuild is tested before delivery to insure proper operation and has a 6 month warranty.

Superior maintains a complete list of used machines that can be purchased at substantial savings. We can assess your machine choice to determine the extent of rebuild required and if it needs to be upgraded to fit your requirement.

Complete turn key systems are available.

Honing Equipment before and after

Superior honing machines can be used for a wide variety of projects. Shaping, reshaping, or honing to a specific tolerance is the accepeted use of our machines. There are, however, many unusual applications that fall into the above categories. Here are just a few:

     Engine block cylinder sleeves
     Aircraft landing gear and aerospace parts
     Rifle barrels and gun parts
     Connecting rod fitting
     Piston pin fitting
     Hydraulic cylinders
     Valve bodies
     Brake drums

Superior will provide consulting services for your honing needs in our plant or on site.

If you think you would like to establish a "Job Honing" business, we have staff engineers that have "been there, done that."


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